Lynn Van Dove

Lynn Van Dove earned a reputation as one of the top triathlon race directors in the world for her work organizing Penticton’s Ironman Canada race during the 1980s. She actively developed the sport internationally, serving as a Canadian delegate at the International Triathlon Federation’s inaugural meeting in Amsterdam in 1987.

Bryna Kopelow

Bryna Kopelow is a trailblazer who has devoted her life to gender equity and improving BC and Canada’s physical activity systems for girls and women. Co-founder of ProMOTION Plus and past-chair of CAAWS, she developed Action Schools! BC and the Premier’s Sport Awards Program, while authoring numerous publications on physical activity and sport.

Marilyn Pomfret

Marilyn Pomfret worked tirelessly to advance opportunities for girls and women in competitive sports. At UBC, she coached the Thunderbirds volleyball team to two national titles and served as Women’s Athletic Director for over a decade. She also helped introduce national championships for women’s university sports and established the BC High School girls volleyball tournament.