Kristine Chambers

Kristine Chambers, a successful triathlete, coach and teacher on the world stage, also founded Exceleration: Triathlon and Multi-sport Club with the goal of creating a positive sporting environment for lower-income children and youth.

Sarah Blyth

Sarah Blyth is a well-respected woman in the male dominated sport of skateboarding. As founder and head of Vancouver Skateboard Coalition she spurred the creation of six new skateparks and helped make Vancouver a world-leader in this sport.

Sarah Burke

Sarah Burke (d.2012) single-handedly changed the face of Freestyle Skiing. This multi-award winning woman is the reason females can now compete in Slopestyle Skiing and her hard fought campaign resulted in Ski Pipe becoming a 2014 Winter Olympics event. She was a 2012 Inductee to the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame.