Diana Barkley

Diana Barkley is dedicated to the sport of figure skating, from being an active participant to volunteering to heading up the adult figure skating section of the International Skating Union. Always promoting the sport, Diana believes in the motto ’skating for life.‘ She is the go-to person for many BC skaters both locally and internationally… Read more »

Sue Griffin

As a young girl, Sue could be found on an outdoor rink taking figure skating lessons, on a field playing field hockey, hiding behind the portable during track and field practices or on horseback competing in show jumping at local gymkhanas. Watching Rod Laver compete at Wimbledon as a young teenager led to her love… Read more »

Loreen Barnett

Loreen Barnett has contributed to sport in BC and internationally for over 30 years. She is best known for her work with the International Triathlon Union as a trailblazer for gender equality of equal prize money, television exposure, and racing conditions for all competitors. She is passionate about women being well represented in organizations and… Read more »

Debbie Pyne

Debbie Pyne has devoted a lifetime of work to create opportunities for young girls and women in sport here in British Columbia. Her involvement with ProMOTION Plus and CAAWS began in 1994, almost thirty years ago, to pilot the “On the Move” program.  A national program to inspire young girls to participate in sport and… Read more »

Jennifer Fenton

Jennifer Fenton has been a consultant in the physical activity and health education field for thirty years. Her career has specialized in the development and delivery of highly successful British Columbia-based healthy school initiatives. Jennifer was instrumental in developing and delivering CAAWS’s On the Move initiative and has published research on girls’ experiences in physical… Read more »

Colleen Laferriere

The head coach for the Aldergrove Skating Club is starting her 40th season of teaching skating. She has been with the Aldergrove Skating Club since 1980 and is now teaching second generation of skaters in Aldergrove. A level 3 Certified Coach, teaching all disciplines including skills, dance, freeskate and synchronized skating teams. Mrs Laferriere teaches… Read more »

Michelle Pye

Michelle Pye is one of only four International FIFA women referees in Canada. Over 11 years she has participated in four World championships and qualifying tournaments for the Olympics and World Cup.

Deb Huband

Deb Huband is the most successful women’s basketball coach and the longest serving female head coach at the University of British Columbia. She led theThunderbirds to three Canadian university national championships in 2004, 2006 and 2008.

Lynn Van Dove

Lynn Van Dove earned a reputation as one of the top triathlon race directors in the world for her work organizing Penticton’s Ironman Canada race during the 1980s. She actively developed the sport internationally, serving as a Canadian delegate at the International Triathlon Federation’s inaugural meeting in Amsterdam in 1987.

Bryna Kopelow

Bryna Kopelow is a trailblazer who has devoted her life to gender equity and improving BC and Canada’s physical activity systems for girls and women. Co-founder of ProMOTION Plus and past-chair of CAAWS, she developed Action Schools! BC and the Premier’s Sport Awards Program, while authoring numerous publications on physical activity and sport.