Elaine Tanner

Elaine Tanner, known as “Mighty Mouse” captured four gold medals in Swimming at the 1966 Commonwealth Games. She was named Canada’s Best Female and Best Overall Athlete in 1966.

Ann Mundigel Meraw

Ann Mundigel Meraw has set seven world marathon Swimming records. At the age of 10, she swam across Howe Sound. In 1958, she swam 88km, the length of Lake Okanagan in a record setting 32 hours and 12 minutes.

Marion Lay

Marion Lay was Canada’s 100m freestyle Swimming champion (1964-68) winning bronze at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics with the 100m freestyle relay team. She is a long time advocate for women in sport and a founding member of ProMOTION Plus and CAAWS.

Ivy Granstrom

Ivy Granstrom (d. 2004) was a passionate runner and swimmer who was visually impaired. Ivy was a 76-time Polar Bear Swim participant in Vancouver and was awarded the Order of Canada in 1988.

Wendy Ladner-Beaudry

Wendy Ladner-Beaudry (d. 2009) was a nationally ranked swimmer, a member of the Ontario and BC senior field hockey teams, and a FIS World Masters champion in telemark skiing. Wendy focused on increasing participation and developing knowledge and awareness of physical literacy.

Gail Wilson

Gail Wilson had a remarkable career at the University of Toronto as a star on the ice hockey, swim and field hockey teams. She coached one of the best UBC Women’s Field Hockey Teams and used statistical analysis to enhance her role as Assistant Coach, National Women’s Field Hockey Team. In 1995 was the first… Read more »